DOB: 12/14/2010
CLR: Black and White
HT: 21.5"
WT: 41 lbs

Elbows: OFA normal - OFEL42
Eyes: EYE43
DNA Normal for CEA, IGS and TNS

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Contact Point’s Pocket Full of Kryptonite, "Lex"



Lex is a 4-year-old handsome Border Collie who has a great attitude on life. He is up for any game you want him to play and is a recipient of the Versatility award from the Border Collie Society of America. Lex also is a friendly, gregarious guy who loves everyone and will quickly give you a hug and kiss whether he has ever met you or not!

He is an extremely fast and athletic dog with amazing jumping ability, and his hips have been graded as Excellent by OFA.

Lex holds titles in Agility, Flyball, Herding, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing.

He is the reigning Masters level national champion for the North American Diving Dogs (NADD) organization. He also is the first Border Collie to earn the Dock Elite (DE) title in the most competitive division for dogs that jump 24 feet or great. His personal best dock jump is 25-feet-9-inches.

His best time in flyball is 3.79 seconds and he averages in the low to mid 3.8s when running with his team, Fur Fun. He holds the NAFA title of Flyball Master Excellent (FMX).

In addition, Lex has a great nose and has earned the Senior level title of the Barn Hunt Association (BHA) and needs one leg to finish the Masters level title. Lex won High in Trial in the Rat Hurdle event at the BHA 2014 National championship and placed in several classes.

He is currently competing at the Excellent level of AKC agility and the Advanced level of USDAA, jumping 24 and 26 inches and doing very well. He also will be pursuing his Herding Started titles in the spring. He is nice on sheep with good control and eye.



Litters sired by Lex:

Arc by Contact Point's Pocket Full of Kryptonite, "Lex"
Born March 14th, 2016

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